Happy 4th Birthday to Joomla!

Today, we have great cause to celebrate because Joomla! is four years old! It takes many of us participating in many different ways to ensure the Joomla! project moves forward and people are successful using Joomla!.

好快,Joomla 四週年了,我也使用 Joomla 三年有了,其中也更換了二次商業佈景,購買了不少的模組,感覺上這還是一個很棒的 CMS 的網站軟體,我會繼續的用下去,也期望 Joomla 1.6 版能趕快推出,在架構上更完整。

Image by Baked Creation

One thought on “Happy 4th Birthday to Joomla!

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